Warranty Information

Equipment Warranty

Any items that have some form of performance defect will have to be sent to Danville Materials for evaluation.  Please include the product, the label with lot number and a description of the problem. Sheaths will have to be rolled as loosely as possible in a one quart or one gallon plastic zip bag in order for us to adequately evaluate them.

Please send to:

Danville Materials LLC

3420 Fostoria Way, Ste A-200

San Ramon, CA 94583

Attention: Stewart Denham

Perioscopy Sheaths, Fibers and Explorers cannot have a dated warranty because of the varying length of time for the initiation of use.  For example: purchase of an order of sheaths may take a year to get to one that has a service problem.  Or the fiber could be a spare and when the time comes to use it there is a problem noted.

Service Warranty

Service and parts will be warranted for 30 days after receipt of returned equipment.  Please contact Danville Materials to receive instructions.